The atmospheric and marine observation on Utö Island has a long tradition of weather and marine observations

Located on the island of Utö, the atmospheric and marine observation station, which is owned by the Finnish Meteorological Institute, makes a wide range of meteorological, greenhouse gas, aerosol, and marine measurements. The Finnish Meteorological Institute carries out sea measurements in cooperation with the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). The station is part of the Finnish marine research infrastructure consortium known as FINMARI.

Utö Island is located at the outer edge of the Archipelago Sea and has a long tradition of recording observations of both weather and sea. Weather observations began in 1881 and water temperature and salinity measurements in 1900.

Utö island in December 2019.

The measurement hut can be used to observe the sea in real time

In 2014, a measurement hut was built on the island close to the shore, which provides a comprehensive range of real-time observations of marine conditions, physics, and biology. In the cabin, seawater is continuously pumped through the automatic analysis equipment.

The measurement hut also has a cable connection for both data transfer and power supply to several measuring devices placed on the seabed. There is also space for the implementation of different kinds of measurement campaigns. Vuonna 2014 saarelle rakennettiin rannan läheisyyteen mittausmökki, joka mahdollistaa monipuoliset reaaliaikaiset havainnot meren tilasta, fysiikasta ja biologiasta. Mökissä oleviin automaattisiin analyysilaitteisiin pumpataan jatkuvasti merivettä.