Relaxing at sea is always an experience

The crispy sea wind clears and refreshes your mind. The sea never stops moving, yet there is something eternal and enduring about it. You can easily forget your everyday hustle and bustle as joyful waves lap against the shore and clouds drift by across a bright blue summer sky. Our long-gone forefathers and mothers used to gaze at this same horizon.

During a hot summer’s day, what could be better than taking a dip in cool, refreshing water? Fish are racing each other among the reeds and a bold dragonfly lands on the pier to rest its wings. The sky is clear. A sandwich or a cone of ice cream would hit the spot soon, but what’s the rush? It’s summertime in Finland. 

It’s a dark and quiet August night at sea. The city lights fall distant, the starry sky sparkles like a ribbon of diamonds and the pale crescent moon shines all alone up in the sky. On some nights even the northern lights, those gateways to the north, light up the horizon with their ghostly glare.  

The wind is always present at sea, even after the gale has died down. In calm weather, you can still hear the echo of the long lost past. There is something grand and timeless about the tranquility. The calm surface mirrors the bright blue sky. Oh, how vast the sea is! 

In stormy weather, the sea shows its strength. The wind makes the waves foam and the cool breeze sends splashes of icy water up in the air. The ship sways among the waves and water spills over to the deck. We must be careful. Even experienced sailors feel chills when the aft rises towards the waves.  

The Baltic Sea offers something for everyone

The sea offers something for everyone - a gentle breeze moving through the reeds, a joyful summer’s day swimming in warm water, a delicious dinner waiting at the end of a fishing rod or an adventure as the waves lap against the hull.

On these pages, you can find a collection of common leisure activities in the Baltic and their presentations, as well as useful links for professional and recreational purposes. What does the Baltic Sea have to offer for you?